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Today, anyone with a CSM can claim to be a Scrum expert. This puts experienced practitioners like yourself at a disadvantage. How do you differentiate your knowledge, experience and commitment to an Agile way of working in a crowded job market? What can you do to show employers the difference between a truly exceptional practitioner and a clueless CSM? Take the next step in your Agile journey and become a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) with CSP Fast Pass.

CSP Fast Pass is your ticket to fast tracking the completion of your CSP in four months. At the end of this program, you will have clearly established yourself as a serious professional with the relevant experience, must-have skills and practical know-how to lead Scrum and Agile teams. CSP Fast Pass offers committed professionals sensible, road-tested and proven advice, techniques and practices that will:

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The journey from Certified ScrumMaster® to Certified Scrum Professional® is not easy. Hidden hazards can trip you up and add delays. Oh…and good luck trying to piece together seventy Scrum Educational Units (SEU) in anything less than eight months that does not involve travel. After you get through all that drama, there is a confusing application to wade through…ugh!

CSP Fast Pass offers a complete, well-rounded program of seventy-five SEU in five categories reflecting the contribution expected from an Agile thought-leader all based in your hometown. CSP Fast Pass was designed to be respectful of the time commitments of busy professionals with day jobs. Only one-fifth of this program, two days over four months, is in-person classroom instruction with a peer group of experienced, enthusiastic Scrum practitioners. The remainder of CSP Fast Pass relies on self-study, on-demand lessons, coaching circles and participation in your local Agile community. At the conclusion of the program, we review your CSP application to ensure it is complete and avoids common errors.

CSP Fast Pass is fun, quick and will boost your career. CSP Fast Pass will plug you into a community of trusted professionals to help solve hard problems. At the end of your sixteen week learning journey, you will achieve your certification goal and be able to do hard jobs better.

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