For those of you working towards your CSP certification under the current Scrum Alliance program, the Scrum Alliance has recently announced the DEADLINE of December 31, 2017, if you intend to submit your application for consideration under the existing program.

If you have already started your progress towards the CSP certification, you may want to seriously consider completing your studies and submitting your application before December 31, 2017, because …

1. If you do not complete the application before December 31, 2017, all the work thatyou have done will not count in the new format.  You will have to start over at zero!!!

2.  The new curricula will have 2 to 5 more days of additional required training. It promises to be “more comprehensive and rigorous.”

3.  Because the additional training is new, it may not be easy to find the additional training.

4.  The additional training may be hard to find in your geographical area.

Please remember, if you are not already a CSP Fast Pass program enrollee, that we are here to help.  Both packages and ala carte units are available to get you the credits you need.

Additionally, CSP Fast Pass can help you navigate the existing CSP requirements to make sure you get your units in the required categories.

Also know that our CSP Fast Pass instructors, Carlton Nettletonand Jason Tannerare Certified Scrum Trainers, which makes their units Category B SEUs!

Get it done with our on-demand instruction – convenient with your schedule – and get it done before December 31st!!! Click here to sign up now!!!