How to Host a Lean Coffee

In our Coaching Circles, we often use the Lean Coffee format to structure our discussions and keep the dialogue lively and engaging.  For the most part, this format works well for our Coaching Circle calls.  For those that are unfamiliar with Lean Coffee, Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting that helps fix some of [...]

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Five Ways to Write Better Action Items

Writing specific, observable and repeatable Action Items with clear owners is an important skill for Product Owner and ScrumMasters to master (see my last post on why I feel this way).  In CSP Fast Pass, we will give you plenty of opportunities to put this skill into practice as you help your teams identify their own Action [...]

The Importance of Concrete Action Items

Retrospectives without concrete action items are pretty much a complete waste of time (and this coming from a guy who thinks the Retrospective is the MOST important discussion in Scrum!!).  Over-and-over again, when I encounter teams and organizations struggling to adopt Scrum and Agile, I often find lame, uninspiring Action Items as one of the [...]

Agile Retrospective Framework in Five Steps

Did you know that every well-run Retrospective follows five steps?  In my experience, the best Retrospectives follow this outline first created by Diana Larsen and Esther Derby in their book, Agile Retrospectives.  Here is a summary of each stage. Set the Stage: setting the stage helps people focus on the purpose of the Retrospective, reviews [...]

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CSP Fast Pass Coaching Alliance

CSP Fast Pass is a coaching and mentoring program designed to help you improve your skills as an Agile and Scrum practitioner.  As a coaching and mentoring program, we need your explicit permission to coach and mentor you to higher levels of performance.  This post describes our coaching alliance with you. You acknowledge that CSP [...]

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Can a CSP Really Work Miracles?

"That is nice a idea to try, but don't expect anyone outside your group to do it." "I would do it, but our company has already adopted X, so there is no use in trying." "There is just not enough time in this release to try something new.  Let's do that later." At some point [...]

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