The Roman Voting Technique for Agile Teams

This is one of my all-time favorite techniques to quickly arrive at consensus for Agile Teams.  I use Roman Voting ALL the time because is fast, it is easy and it is fun.  I have even had people tell me that the Roman Voting technique was the most memorable and useful thing they have learned from [...]

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Simple Coaching Techniques for the Agile Coach

Coaching is a distinct and powerful skill from the eight other essential skills of an Agile Coach (CSP-SM).  Because coaching is an overloaded word in the English language, let me provide some guidance to describe what I mean when I am referring to coaching. For me, a coach is a person who applies specific techniques to [...]

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CSP Fast Pass Coaching Alliance

CSP Fast Pass is a coaching and mentoring program designed to help you improve your skills as an Agile and Scrum practitioner.  As a coaching and mentoring program, we need your explicit permission to coach and mentor you to higher levels of performance.  This post describes our coaching alliance with you. You acknowledge that CSP [...]

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IMPORTANT Application Deadline Announced by Scrum Alliance!!!

For those of you working towards your CSP certification under the current Scrum Alliance program, the Scrum Alliance has recently announced the DEADLINE of December 31, 2017, if you intend to submit your application for consideration under the existing program. If you have already started your progress towards the CSP certification, you may want to [...]

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The Eight Hats of an Agile Coach

Back in 2012, I worked with a colleague to develop a new course for ScrumMasters (and other Agile change agents).  Our goal was to figure out a way to support learners on a progressive educational journey from ScrumMaster to Agile Coach (CSP-SM).  While the specific offering we developed did not make much of an impact, [...]

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Do You Have Question About the CSP Program Changes?

May 25th, 2017 San Diego, CA & Cary, NC - at the recent Scrum Gathering California, the Director of Education at the Scrum Alliance, Lisa Reeder, previewed an update to the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification.  Based on industry trends, member needs and the work of a specially formed Scrum Team of Certified Scrum Trainers, Certified Enterprise Coaches and [...]